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1 Feb

Woven wonders

(Published in Dawn Images - The Review on Jan 29, 2012) Not everyone wants to be bundled up in cumbersome coats and woolen mufflers when it gets chilly. Stylish women also like to keep it elegant and sophisticated with the drape of a simple shawl around their shoulders; something pure and warm to beat the cold without adding too much bulk. And when it comes to shawls, there are essentially only two types: the classic shawl and the contemporary shawl. Arjumand Amin of Mahnoush (a young lawn brand) wears an embroidered shahtoosh shawl from her mother Mehvash Amin's private collection The most coveted classic shawl is usually the priceless shahtoosh, Persian for ‘king of fine wools’. Pure toosh is...
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