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14 May

Nomi Ansari’s L’Oreal brunch

  It was one of those hot Sunday afternoons when the heat visibly radiates from the concrete ground, much like steam rising from a hot skillet. But an invitation from Nomi Ansari, on behalf of L’Oreal, was enough for Karachi’s fun-lovers to arm themselves in summer wear and head out to Café Verde where the designer’s successful collaboration with L’Oreal Paris Excellence Crème was being celebrated. Titled ‘Ambassador of Fashion’, this was one in a series of alliances that the brand hopes to build with successful fashion designers in Pakistan. With colour in his chromosomes, who better to begin with than Nomi Ansari? L'Oreal's Musharaf Hai, Moazzam Ali Khan with brand ambassador, Mehreen Syed The man can achieve the impossible, apparent in the...
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