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24 Apr

Ensemble One beats The PFDC Boulevard and FP Lounge to Dolmen Mall

Five fashion weeks led to the opening of Ensemble One at Dolmen Mall today and I must say, it was a phenomenal success. Stocking fashion under Rs 10,000 is a revolutionary idea for Pakistan (where the average designer label begins at 15,000) and credit goes to Zeba Husain, Shehrnaz and Shezray for bringing it together. Here's what the evening looked like...
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6 Oct

Ensemble’s charity drive takes fashion on a night out

NEWS ALERT: Ensemble Lahore will be moving into 10Q, a space formerly occupied by the PFDC Boulevard. Mahin Hussain Shehrnaz Husain Multi-retail stores offering desirable fashion labels are popping up every week, in almost every nook and commercial cranny of Pakistan's big cities. There are countless in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and even Faisalabad though I wouldn't label all of them with a  'desirable' stamp of approval. It can still be safely said that Labels, The Designers and Ensemble are three of the biggest names in one-stop fashion stores, followed very closely by Melange in Islamabad. In fact Melange would pose very sound competition to the others if it were anywhere other than in Islamabad. The thing...
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