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18 May An online shopping experience for women

  Thanks to the digital age, shopping has now become so much easier. Women can easily access hundreds of brands and have their favourite items delivered to their doorsteps with one click of a button. Thankfully, Pakistani brands are now shifting towards e-commerce as well. But why is it important for Pakistani women to embrace e-commerce?   Paula Tesoro, founder of the brand, Tesoro, explains it with relative ease, “It’s a difficult fact of life here that the mobility of most women is dependent upon men, be they drivers or family members. The Internet means they don’t need to ask a favour anymore to be taken somewhere. And for the growing number of working women, it means saving time. E-commerce is the future,...
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11 May

The ‘classic’ case of Mah-e-Mir

    There is a big difference between what I saw at the premiere compared to what I've been reading in the newspapers. People left the movie midway; those who stayed back could be seen laughing and talking loudly, commenting on how they don't get a word of what's being said in the film. On the other hand, reviews suggest that Mah-e-Mir is a smashing success and is one of the best films made to date. So which one is it? Do critics only praise films that the masses don't really like?   To address the first opinion, there were some factors in the movie that made me want to get up and leave too. For instance, the language indeed was too difficult to follow....
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6 May

Who will be the next Nazia Hassan?

  Is it wrong to compare our stars with Nazia Hassan? After all, Nazia Hassan was the classic pop diva, with her musical prowess giving her recognition which extended way beyond the borders. So has anyone come close to her status yet? And if not, who will be the next to reach her place? Something Haute investigates…    Zoe Viccaji       Pros: Zoe Viccaji is the first name that comes to mind when starting this hunt because Zoe is clearly heavily inspired by Nazia Hassan as it is. That much is evident when we've seen her deliver covers of Nazia Hassan songs. Her own music also captures the essence of the 80s, and her voice sometimes sounds quite close to Nazia Hassan's vocals. She's also...
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20 Apr

Introducing Mah-e-Mir

  Things heat up at the Mah e Mir curtain raiser in Karachi.   It all started when Iman Ali showed up late to the press conference of the upcoming film, Mah-e-Mir, which had already started one and a half hour late anyway. Wearing a pretty summer dress, Iman proceeded to the stage where everyone else was already seated, and apologized for not being on time, citing no specific reason for her lack of punctuality.   Afterwards, Iman, and her fellow co-actor, Fahad Mustafa, who walked in with his big body guards, continued to be glued to their phone screens, setting them down occasionally. The room was crowded with journalists, who had perhaps reached their last nerves having to wait so long for the actors to arrive, with no apology given...
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