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10 May

Rocking on to royalty

Umair Jaswal, rock star of the new generation, has traded his denim for traditional regalia in Mor Mahal. He talks about his TV and film debut, music and why the music industry needs unification.   Rock stars are rarely human. They’re more often creatures of odd behavior, reckless beings that thrive on rebellion whether it’s sex, drugs and rock n roll, tattered jeans and objectionable t-shirts or general misdemeanor. That’s their appeal. Things are ‘visibly’ more civilized for rock musicians in Pakistan but even then you expect to encounter an uncomfortable level of arrogance and attitude when you walk into a rocker’s zone.   Umair Jaswal’s room, however, smelt like a Hollister outlet. Dressed in fashionably ripped jeans and a serene aqua shirt, white...
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21 Jul

EID reviews: Shamaeel and Sana Sultan

EID REVIEWS 1 The best thing about being away from Pakistan in Ramazan is avoiding Eid 'Fashion' Exhibitions. Pardon me, I mean no offence, but the most drab and boring auntie clothing is what most drab and boring auntie designers churn out in Ramazan. And the worse thing is that even the most decent designers turn drab when the dollar signs start ringing in their eyes. Commercial clothing equals ugly clothing and that's what most Eid Collections, Eid Bazaars, Iftari Clothing and etceteras churn out. I have enough press releases advocating Exciting Eid Clothing in my inbox as proof. That said, I'll save them the embarrassment of naming and shaming them. Okay, so I can't blame designers for making some hay while...
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7 Jul

The Abercrombie Experience

The A&F facade in Hong Kong HEAT is the buzzword at Abercrombie & Fitch, something clear in their Shorts and Skin campaign and also if you happen to step into any of their standalone stores, as we did in Hong Kong Central yesterday. It’s not a brand that catches my credit card (though how could it not catch anyone’s attention) however, with teenage boys in tow, it was an excursion impossible to avoid. And given my interest in fashion, the experience was quite an eye opener. Imagine placing four good looking models at the doorway, shouting an irresistible welcome to anyone walking up the steps into the store. The store, swathed in the unmistakable fragrance of the Abercrombie...
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