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12 Mar

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Day One

The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week took off on Thursday, with five strong names and one Rising Talent Show that offered a glimpse at what fashion students were up to these days. One thing was certain, even before the day took off, and that's the size and scale of fashion week, which the council has managed to build into a formidable force. The strength of any fashion week, however, is always its content and here's a recap of what Day One offered in terms of collections, innovation and design...
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25 Jul

We could all do with a little Sublime!

I say this is lieu of Ramzan transmissions in Pakistan, morning shows, evangelists on crack and the entire mess that begins with undignified preaching and ends with giving away babies on TV sets: "We could all do with a little Sublime this season!" Over to fashion. The thing about experience is that when you’ve been around long enough, you develop very concrete and confident opinions about brands that you can respect and appreciate and brands that you cannot. And Sublime by Sara Shahid is most definitely one brand that has earned a very deep-rooted respect over the years. Why? The Sublime aesthetic is unique to Sara and it has always been on the mark. Primarily a pret label, Sara manages to bring a very...
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4 Jun

Fashion weeks lead to fashion retail

Sania Maskatiya and Umair Tabani, the brain behind the brand. Designers should have the space to create while someone else worries about the business and Sania's lucky to have that in her brother. How many times have I heard the question, “What do fashion weeks achieve?” as most people feel it’s an opportunity for certain designers to claim the spotlight before they disappear into the woodwork for the next six months. People feel that way because while runway images may make for ample media fodder (and we do love churning pictures out on different angles for the next six months) clothes shown on the runway were seldom seen in stores. I said 'were' because that holds true...
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5 May

The business of fashion gets bigger, better!

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Weeks puts up the best possible face of Pakistani fashion. Maheen Kardar contextualizes the National Elections with fashion, a statement that has sold out as soon as it hit the stores! I'm posting the full review, which was condensed for Dawn due to space restrictions. The published version of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week overview (Dawn Images, May 5 2013) can be read here ...
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27 Apr

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Day One

It was such a buzzing evening. There was a delightful vibe to the venue. If I had to describe Day One of PSFW in one word, I would say ELECTRIC. And if I was given another two words, I would say Unnecessarily Late. The collections, however, went from one strength to another. Good, solid content is what any fashion week is about and after six seasons, one is delighted to report that PFDC is getting closer and closer to design-retail synergy and perfection. Sadaf Malaterre's capsule for Tapu Javeri prints and bags. Tapu Javeri had given four of his fun and quirky Karachi-centric prints to four different designers. I feel Sadaf Malaterre and Wardah Saleem nailed the capsules with...
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26 Mar

Skip to end April and the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week

I have jump-skipped to the last event in April because PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, scheduled to take place in the last week in Lahore, promises to be the best fashion week in Pakistan. Ever. Here's why: On the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week red carpet last year: Humaima Malik, Meera and Reema. Lahore is beautiful this time of the year and being the heart and hub of culture, it's where star sightings are most frequent. The lineup (at least part of the line up that I have drawn up by speaking to designers randomly) includes Sana Safinaz, Shehla Chatoor, Sania Maskatiya, Maheen Karim (who'll be showing twice, once with Bonanza and the second time with her own western luxury...
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21 Feb

Colour me, WICKED!

I'm very fond of Meherbano Sethi, who has been successfully managing the Luscious brand of makeup for several years now. And I feel that in lieu of the fashion week mania that we are experiencing in Pakistan, to have a limited edition of nail colours for summer is just wow! It's a great idea, one that many major cosmetic (especially nail) companies all over the world - OPI, Sally Hansen, MAC etc - have practised. Nail colour collections have been customised around movies, celebrities and of course fashion designers. So it's very hip of Meherbano to take up the idea in Pakistan. And her selection of designers as super as the shade card that she's chosen. Bright, vivid and joyous...
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5 Dec

Painting the town red: Sonya Battla

My Winter 2012 Wardrobe One of my favourite red Sonya Battla tunics paired with a Sublime silk scarf from Sara Shahid's new collection. Red is one of my favourite winter colours, along with black, purple and blue. I invariably end up with these shades dominating my wardrobe. This tunic, by Sonya Battla, is one of her best selling styles that I already had in blue and asked for another in a deep oxblood red to wear this winter. It works perfectly with the printed silk scarf that came from Sublime with the press kit of the label's new store launch. But I have a feeling it'll do even better with a neutral pashmina shawl. Richness and comfort are...
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22 Mar

Ready for a Simply Sublime summer?

The Simply Sublime summer campaign hits trails on March 25 If there's anything to effectively take the mind off doom and gloom looming over the Asia Cup final, it's the colour and joie de vivre of the upcoming Simply Sublime collection. While Sara Shahid may not be showing at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, she is all geared up to stay in the picture through her summer collection which continues her love for citrus, cheerful colours. With everything under Rs8000/- here's another reason to stay happy. The collection will be available at the Sublime flagship store in Lahore. Happy shopping!...
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12 Nov

Mahira sparks up Labels

Multi-label boutique Labels collaborated with five of its high value designers to execute this shoot for the paramount 500th issue of Sunday magazine. Quite an achievement that Sunday - which under the shadow of STS had placed a ban on Labels - should award this anniversary issue to Zahir. But then Sheherbano Taseer is a breed apart and a gene pool above. She makes Pakistan proud, unlike her step sister. Anyway, back to fashion and this fabulous shoot. Planned at the picturesque Port Grande, the savvy new waterside food street in Karachi that would remind one of Singapore's Clark Quay if it could whip up a club scene, the shoot was coordinated and styled by Maha Burney and her artistic husband...
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