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12 Apr

What to expect at the HUM Awards 2016

  By Aamna Haider Isani   It's award season in Pakistan! The ARY Film Awards (AFA) are taking place in Dubai this coming weekend and the 4th Hum Awards are going to be held in Karachi on April 23, it was announced at a press conference yesterday.   "We will take the Awards all over the world," President HUM TV network, Sultana Siddiqui answered a question about rumours that the awards were going to be held in London, "but this year we will honour our talent in Pakistan." Out of the three HUM Awards held in previous years, two have been in Karachi whereas one has been held in Dubai. Considering that HUM TV programming has a following all over the world (basically wherever there...
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29 May

Introducing Bin Roye, again

With more than a dozen highly anticipated titles in the works this appears to be a fantastic year for Pakistani cinema. I’d say it needs to be rechristened, for the gandasa wielding, trigger happy Punjabi films that fell under the rather derogatory term ‘Lollywood’ no longer exist in the larger scheme of things. This is new age cinema: modern, contemporary and clean. It won’t be without drama though, which is what Sultana Siddiqui, CEO of Hum TV network said in the introduction to Bin Roye at a Press Conference. Colourful, musical and dramatic is the first impression you get of Bin Roye, a film that stars Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed, Armeena Khan, Junaid Khan, Javed Sheikh and many more. Fawad Khan...
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22 May

Masarrat Misbah Makeup launch

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Masarrat Misbah or Masarrat Baji, as she is fondly referred to, is a name to reckon with when it comes to beauty salons in Pakistan. I remember Depilex, a good twenty years ago, as the first professional salon in Lahore. There were others, of course, but the hygienic conditions and standard of services and the overall feel of Depilex was different. And better. I remember going to Depilex for skin polishes and spots of electrolysis (neither of which I would recommend to anyone these days) and even an occasional hair trim. The many branches of Depilex were superior. What elevated MM, beyond all of this, was Smile Again, her initiative to help, cure...
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2 Feb

Pakistan’s fashion goes viral!

Zahir Rahimtoola, CEO and founder of the Labels e Store. This is the season of mega mergers: Adnan Pardesy for Working Woman, Maheen Karim and Bonanza (much more on that later) and today, Labels e store and Hum TV. This merger, certainly another game changer for fashion, turns the Labels eStore into thus giving HUM TV viewers all over the world immediate access to Pakistani fashion brands available on the e Store. This may seem like a small step to some but the collaboration between fashion and television is one of the strongest in the world. Manolo Blahnik found a rise in the shoe's popularity when Sex and the City star Carrie Bradshaw started splurging her pay check...
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