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7 Jul

Fashion is targeting Muslims!

Islamophobia is an issue we have on our hands, especially those of us who are Muslim and global citizens at the same time. Right? Yes that is the impression you get when you're watching the news. But wait, fashion runways and retail operations tell another story. The way we see it, fashion houses - for quite some time now - have been tapping into the Muslim market globally. Runway collections have been exhibiting clothes that are more tuned to Asian buyers, Muslims more specifically. Why is that so? Well...
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6 Mar

Message in the ‘Sunsilk Fashion Edition’ bottle!

  Sunsilk, a name that has been associated with the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week since day one as title sponsor, always aims to add an extra little oomph to the event. This year it continued its tradition of unveiling four Fashion Edition shampoo bottles (designed by four different designers who are showing at fashion week) but it added much more pizzazz to the show than usual.   Here’s how:   Russian drape dancer, Vlada, wowed the audience with her moves.   Held this weekend at the Alliance Francais in Karachi, the Sunsilk Fashion Edition ‘reveal’ flew in key media for a bit of pre-fashion week banter that is always integral to get the show on the road. We caught up with Umair Tabani,...
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17 May

Brands you want to see at fashion week

Birds of feather flock together. It's very simple; as a professional you collaborate with like-minded people. I'm not talking about 'working with like-minds' because not everyone's as lucky to land the perfect job BUT when you're looking to create co-brands or find sponsors, then you choose intelligently. Especially when your business is fashion and appearances, establishing the right oomph and creating the right mood is as important as it is to have candles on a birthday cake. Two things are important to fashion: style and good design, which is why Mercedes Benz makes such a cool sponsor for so many fashion weeks across the world: New York, Berlin, Beijing, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Australia etc. Fashion weeks and hot cars are like apples and...
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