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11 Mar

Publicity stunt or massive let down?

Sushmita nahin, Mathira! The only real celebrity at the Crescent show. No one prints animals and figures as animals and figures do not appeal to the conservative masses that feel they are unIslamic. This style sacrifice (a pun, that we see in the monotony of lawn prints) is what happens when you commercialize fashion. And that's exactly why lawn can never be fashion! OVER TO CRESCENT: It was an arrow in the dark that Sushmita Sen would be making an appearance at the Crescent lawn launch but considering the fact that millions had been thrown her way, it wasn't entirely unbelievable. I mean, we all know that Bollywood celebrities have come to private 'functions' in Pakistan and performed...
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9 Mar

Is Sushmita in town again?

Seven years ago Sushmita Sen came to Pakistan, Karachi to be specific, for the very first time. She was here with Saif Ali Khan and Malaika Khan, accompanied by a professional Indian dance troupe. They were all here for a concert/extravaganza held at the far out locale of the Arabian Country Club. The security situation was better back then and so were the roads and the late drive out and back to such a distant venue didn’t appear all that far fetched. Anyway, bottom line is that while Saif serenaded with his guitar and Malaika grooved to popular beats, Sushmita wowed Karachi by interacting with the crowd and narrating Urdu poetry much to the delight of everyone. She was a...
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4 Mar

Here today, ‘lawn’ tomorrow!

I haven’t been to a single lawn exhibition (yet) despite my inbox being flooded with launch invites. I really did want to visit Yahsir Waheed’s but couldn’t because I was traveling and missed the dates. However, anything that excites masses of women in this country merits attention and lawn certainly does…you do know that there are 28 high profile varieties of lawn coming out this season. Here’s a list of the ones that come to my mind…  Gul Ahmed, Nishat, Firdous, Junaid Jamshed, Yahsir Waheed, Asim Jofa, Vaneeza, HSY, Faiza Samee, Shamaeel, Nomi Ansari, Deepak Perwani, Umar Sayeed, Nadia Hussain, Maria B, Bonanza and last but definitely never least, Sana Safinaz. The billboards are up and for all of you waiting for information on the SS range, here’s a sneak peak into what they’ll be offering. The visuals will...
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