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16 Jan

Coffee, Socie-tea and Company

The Dolce Gusto coffee machine gets cosy with the ‘it’ crowd By D.G. Drop   Confession: I have been behaving like a social butterfly, a fashionista with nothing to do but scale the heights of society. I swear I could have been A-list had I been designed with a slimmer waist and the kind of abs that Katrina is flaunting these days but with this round midriff – no chance. So when Tapu Javeri offered to give me a makeover, I jumped at the chance. And look where it landed me! I’ve recently been hopping around on the social circuit and last week found myself at the heart of Tapu Javeri’s cosy little get-together at his home in Hill Park, Karachi.   [caption id="attachment_6584" align="aligncenter"...
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