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30 Mar

Travelling with Tapu

By Aamna Haider Isani   Fashion photographer, RJ in the Dark Room, academic and overall persona grata, Tapu Javeri also turned out to be quite an ‘attractive’ travel companion on our recent trip to Dubai. Here’s what he attracted…   “Oh my God, are you Brandon?” a young girl with an American accent gushed, as we waited for our boarding passes at the Emirates counter at the Karachi Airport. Tapu, Fareshteh (my friend and much-needed Encyclopedia on all things SRK) and I were travelling to Dubai as I had to interview Shah Rukh Khan, on a promotional trip for Fan, and Tapu was to do the needful visual coverage. We were going to meet the world’s biggest megastar but Tapu, it turned out (with...
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16 Jan

Coffee, Socie-tea and Company

The Dolce Gusto coffee machine gets cosy with the ‘it’ crowd By D.G. Drop   Confession: I have been behaving like a social butterfly, a fashionista with nothing to do but scale the heights of society. I swear I could have been A-list had I been designed with a slimmer waist and the kind of abs that Katrina is flaunting these days but with this round midriff – no chance. So when Tapu Javeri offered to give me a makeover, I jumped at the chance. And look where it landed me! I’ve recently been hopping around on the social circuit and last week found myself at the heart of Tapu Javeri’s cosy little get-together at his home in Hill Park, Karachi.   [caption id="attachment_6584" align="aligncenter"...
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19 Oct

In Conversation with Wardha Saleem

Gone are the days when ‘slow and steady’ was a good mantra to win the race. It’s 2015 and the race to the top of any business has acquired an urgent restlessness, a fast and furious pace where slowing down means getting left behind or possibly falling off the bandwagon altogether. And that’s the exact pace that Wardha Saleem is gradually working towards. Just three years into actively pursuing her design label, this IVSAA graduate just recently opened a state-of-the-art flagship store in Karachi; Wardha believes that every designer must have a nucleus to operate from. She also believes that missing one season of fashion week is equivalent to losing out an entire season of retail and moreover, there’s no point...
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28 Sep

The TDAP Trip

I've never had the motivation to attend a TDAP event before, not just because it was always held at the other side of the city at the Expo Centre, but also because the former Director was allegedly/ infamously corrupt (now in jail) and because TDAP infamously put up shoddy WC and mango stalls in their exports exhibition. Let's just say I had my reasons. This year the fashion shows, at least, were different and showed promise. I have no idea what and how much the newly appointed Secretary, Rabiya Javeri can change but someone with her background and reputation does suddenly bring class and respect to an event. Which is basically why so many credible labels agreed to show. The line...
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23 Sep

Frieha’s Fabulous 50!

Frieha Altaf's 50th birthday celebrations began on a yacht that sailed, under full moon, around midnight. It was gorgeous, the moonlight leaving a silver trail on the water's surface, eighties music playing in the background and just enough people to be around happily, without having to make superficial small talk. I haven't known Frieha long, just around 12 years. And I remember meeting her for the very first time, backstage at the first Carnival de Couture held in Karachi. I introduced myself (there had been work-related communications over the phone) and she beamed a fabulously dimpled smile at me, "Finally, we meet!" Contrary to what I had heard, Frieha was not scary. And believe it or not, while the world finds...
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5 May

The business of fashion gets bigger, better!

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Weeks puts up the best possible face of Pakistani fashion. Maheen Kardar contextualizes the National Elections with fashion, a statement that has sold out as soon as it hit the stores! I'm posting the full review, which was condensed for Dawn due to space restrictions. The published version of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week overview (Dawn Images, May 5 2013) can be read here ...
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27 Apr

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Day One

It was such a buzzing evening. There was a delightful vibe to the venue. If I had to describe Day One of PSFW in one word, I would say ELECTRIC. And if I was given another two words, I would say Unnecessarily Late. The collections, however, went from one strength to another. Good, solid content is what any fashion week is about and after six seasons, one is delighted to report that PFDC is getting closer and closer to design-retail synergy and perfection. Sadaf Malaterre's capsule for Tapu Javeri prints and bags. Tapu Javeri had given four of his fun and quirky Karachi-centric prints to four different designers. I feel Sadaf Malaterre and Wardah Saleem nailed the capsules with...
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12 Aug

Iftar at Nomi’s: where the African Grey was louder than any of us!

A gentle evening breeze kept the outdoors cool, a squawking parrot made sure he was heard above the social chatter and Nomi's dress code - white - ensured a sense of serenity was maintained through-out the iftar that he hosted today. Shamaeel, who hosted an iftar for council members last week and Nomi, who put together the most eclectic of people for his. Iraj in a sufi-mode, Shamaeel doing the desi-girl and Fareshteh wearing black in a white theme GT. After hours: Tapu, Nubain, Saqib and Frieha lounging after that lavish feast! Fauzia, risking a plate of pakoras and Nadia, avoiding food at all costs to lose the...
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24 Apr

Hello bagwati!

Tapulicious bags are truly quirky and fun statements to carry! The detailing is at par with any established brand of bags available at this price. Bagwati. sigh. I cross my heart and say that I would rather have this eclectic piece of art for a bag than something that comes in a six-digit figure. Or more. These Tapulicious bags by Tapu Javeri were showcased at Fashion Pakistan Week 3 (the burqa collection) and carry forth his digital rendition of an ode to Karachi: Karachakra. I last saw a smaller, trial collection of these bags at the Karachakra exhibition last year and they must have done well for Tapu to submit to full-fledged production. The bags...
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