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24 Apr

Ensemble One beats The PFDC Boulevard and FP Lounge to Dolmen Mall

Five fashion weeks led to the opening of Ensemble One at Dolmen Mall today and I must say, it was a phenomenal success. Stocking fashion under Rs 10,000 is a revolutionary idea for Pakistan (where the average designer label begins at 15,000) and credit goes to Zeba Husain, Shehrnaz and Shezray for bringing it together. Here's what the evening looked like...
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30 Sep

Dou Rukh: two sides of the same picture

In this constant pursuit to keep photography alive as an art (as opposed to a commercial exercise alone), Karachi's ace photographers Arif Mahmood and Tapu Javeri launched a book of interesting portraits at the IVSAA today. The book titled 'Dou Rukh' captured many of Pakistan's high profile faces from a vast cross section of fashion, television, humanity and arts. Mathira, photographed by Arid Mahmood The portraits were undoubtedly striking, as expected from two of the most experienced names from the field, but it was the event itself that was just as delightful. Warm albeit breezy, the IVSAA courtyard lit up to welcome a diverse gathering of interesting people, including many of whom had been photographed for the book. A...
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27 Apr

The Talented Mr Javeri

Wanted: one KaraCHAKRA bag! I'm really disappointed in Tapu Javeri. I mean why would anyone in their right frame of mind do this to women who are already suffering under the weight of inflation, national insecurity, heat and other problems. But it just shows the apathetic and insensitive nature of Mr Javeri that he would go and launch a limited edition of KaraChakra bags that are to die for. OH isn't that peachy: another thing to die for! The bags feature psychadelic imagery of Karachi: you can pick out landmarks like Frere Hall, Empress Market, Tower, The Habib Bank building as well as camels on SeaView/Clifton beach etc. NOW is when someone has finally started looking into the beauty of the city...
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22 Aug

Let it roll

Tapu Javeri’s third book, Tapulicious, lifts Pakistan’s celebrity spirit from the past two decades and lands it in the present.     Tapulicious is delicious. It’s a book that allows you to get a taste of celebrity as you browse through its pages. A pack of visual eye candy that bursts at the seams with a flavour of colour and its one basic flaw – the lack of any explanatory text - leaves you urging for more. Put in very clichéd culinary terms, Tapulicious teases the taste buds without really whetting the appetite. And that’s exactly what Tapu Javeri was aiming at. “I’m a photographer, not a writer,” he spoke to Dawn Images after the launch of the book. “I believe that an image...
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