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14 May

Of books and films on fashion

Maliha Rehman gets her copy of Tapulicious signed by Tapu. Fashion week and retail fatigue, elections and the aftermath of all things fashionable and political have kept me away from blogging these past few days. And they have been busy days, from the Lux Style Awards jury, the launch of Tapulicious 2 (which I enjoyed texting for Tapu immensely), Sania Maskatiya and Nida Azwer opening in Lahore and so much more that has transpired. I have also started working for a digital firm and hope to consult on an online magazine (fashion and beauty related, what else?) but more on that later. It's too early in its development stages to say anything about. Aqsa Junejo gets a soundbyte from Zeba Bakhtiar who...
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24 Apr

Hello bagwati!

Tapulicious bags are truly quirky and fun statements to carry! The detailing is at par with any established brand of bags available at this price. Bagwati. sigh. I cross my heart and say that I would rather have this eclectic piece of art for a bag than something that comes in a six-digit figure. Or more. These Tapulicious bags by Tapu Javeri were showcased at Fashion Pakistan Week 3 (the burqa collection) and carry forth his digital rendition of an ode to Karachi: Karachakra. I last saw a smaller, trial collection of these bags at the Karachakra exhibition last year and they must have done well for Tapu to submit to full-fledged production. The bags...
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