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20 Apr

One step forward, two steps back

  Fashion Pakistan Week SS 2016 was a messy cross between a government funded trade show and high-end fashion event. Fashion Pakistan Week Spring/Summer 2016, held in Karachi last weekend, was an extremely mixed bag.   The three-day showcase proved that FPW16, a platform now in its eighth year, still hasn’t been able to find the structure, stability and standard for it to qualify as an established event. Blame that impression on the daily delays, ugly spaces, designers pulling out at the last minute, others managing only 4-outfit capsule collections, pools of mediocre models and a general lack of oomph. Each day was a confusing mix of high fashion, high street, accessory, textile and students all under one umbrella. This would not work anywhere...
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29 Sep

Build Brands, Boost Business

Harboured in the massive FTC Building, the TDAP (Trade Development Authority of Pakistan) offices in Karachi look like they mean business. And that feeling resonates when you walk into the massive space that Rabiya Javeri Agha, Secretary General TDAP, sits in. It’s all about image, she reinforces when we sit down to talk, elaborating that “if people don’t like you, they’re not going to invest a single dollar with you.”   While the TDAP invests its time and energy in developing trade relations all over the world, within all business sectors in Pakistan, our interest is its association with fashion, textiles and garments. The TDAP has been involved and supportive of the Fashion Pakistan Council in Karachi for years but can that...
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29 Nov

Talking business with Sana and Safinaz

From trends to TDAP, cultural restrictions to council politics and from high end to high street, Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer talk about the ebb and flow of fashion. (Published in Dawn Images on Nov 24, 2014)  “We’re like two limping camels,” says Sana as we meet in their bridal studio, which would be completely cloaked by neighboring town houses if it weren’t for the number of cars parked outside their gate between 11-1pm. Two hours is all they spend with brides; the rest of the day is spent, in what they refer to as “slaving” over designs, inventory, merchandizing and accounts at the manufacturing units. Running a retail business, as opposed to a private studio, is demanding, and with three stores...
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