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9 May

Mohsin: Fashion’s Bow-Tie Killer :)

Mohsin Ali: cute designers with a quirky sense of style are always a welcome addition to the fashion scene. The headline may be misleading but Hazaran designer Mohsin Ali is surely soon be known for his bow-ties, which remind me of a) The Bow-Tie killer in Problem Child and b) Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl. It's trendy to be in bow-ties and Mohsin has proven himself to be a talented, savvy and trendy young designer. He's still upcoming but with the deals he has struck with Crimson in Lahore and The Designers in Karachi, I have no doubt that he'll be up there very soon. Mohsin (in another bow tie) sits next to comrade...
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6 May

More reasons to visit The Designers

Muniba Kamal with the young and talented Wardha Saleem, who has brought her vibrant FPW3 collection to store. Fun, funky fashion for the fearless females out there! Sania Maskatiya Five labels either launched or upgraded their collections at The Designers yesterday, out of which Wardha Saleem (above) was the first I noticed. Sania Maskatiya branched out to The Designers too, which makes her a label available at all three major multi label boutiques in Karachi: Labels, Ensemble, Ensemble One and now The Designers as well as her own flagship store. That's what I call spreading the wings and I guess it's no coincidence that birds have become trademark in most of Maskatiya's prints. On racks was...
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26 Aug

Young and restless at The Designers

Fashion is no longer an expensive hobby for bored housewives who have too much money and time on their hands. Nor is it the launch pad to pseudo-stardom for people without a skill to their name. Here’s to a new era of young fashion graduates… Fashion buyer Asad Tareen with Adz Pardesy, fashion's favourite feudal YBQ and Shahi Hasan Fashion is Pakistan’s new cash cow. Right? Well, not exactly. While so many people step into fashion expecting to carve out a lucrative slice of this seemingly rich pie, not many of them realize how difficult it is to establish and run a business in a city that is always half shut. If fashion entrepreneurs (that would be anyone...
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