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20 Feb

Pakistani designers at DNA, London Fashion Week

Fashion Week season is underway all across the globe and the runway shifted from New York to London this weekend. While top-notch designers from Vivienne Westwood to Burberry have always showcased at the London Fashion Week, recently the trendsetting platform has also become a niche for Pakistani designers, included in the DNA program. Last year significantly featured The House Of Kamiar Rokni and Wardha Saleem and this year the troupe grew to include even more names. Part of the British Council’s Fashion DNA intensive program (which culminated into the Fashion Scout A/W 2017 show at LFW) featured The Pink Tree Company by Mohsin Sayeed, Maheen Khan, Sonya Battla, Hamza Bokhari (Jeem), Zuriya Dor and Munib Nawaz as forerunners of Pakistani fashion...
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14 Feb

Weekend Review: the shops are red

I try and survey all prominent shops and boutiques every Saturday, every week but now with the rise of ready to wear in Pakistan, there are way too many to handle in one go. So this week I decided to pick and choose and visit those where I hoped to find some solid summer wear. My trek started at Sonya Battla and ended at Sana Safinaz, with lots inbetween. Here's an overview, hoping that it'll help you all when you step out to shop next time! STOP 1: Sonya Battla   It was February 13 and I have to say I was guilty of associating this weekend with Valentine’s Day and not remembering Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s birthday until I walked into Sonya Battla’s boutique....
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3 May

Mohsin Sayeed does pretty at The Pink Tree

Everything you see about The Pink Tree is pretty and fresh, which is the exact opposite of the cynical, satirical Mohsin Sayeed, who’s a buddy but of course, he’s not exactly a blushing rosebud. Most of what he designs with his partner Hadia Khan at The Pink Tree is, however, and shows Mohsin’s understanding of aesthetic balance. But enough about him. What we saw yesterday at The East End was the Spring/Summer collection and it was as fresh as the morning dew.         Mohsin and Hadia clearly did their planning right. Until two weeks ago, the weather was moody: it was dry and cold and it seemed as if spring had been pushed to the back burner. But then suddenly the sun come out and...
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5 Aug

Fashion Pakistan Lounge opens in Dolmen Mall

A quick look at one of Maheen's many aisles. They're not fully stocked and they haven't opened officially yet. But Fashion Pakistan Lounge, after running successfully in Lahore for several years now, has finally opened its second branch in the Dolmen City Mall in Clifton, Karachi. It's biggest competitor, the PFDC Boulevard, which was scheduled to open early this year and we've been seeing the display sign claiming a bold 'Opening Soon' for over a year (ever since the mall opened) is still under construction. But the fashion avenue at Dolmen Mall is looking better and better. The ground floor of the mall has branches of Ego, FnkAsia and Daaman tucked away for casual shoppers. The first floor...
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4 Aug

An ensemble of high fashion

I was almost not going but I'm delighted that I did because not only would I have missed the fabulous new collections at Ensemble but I would also have missed the biggest confessional by Mohsin Sayeed. More on that later. I have to do justice to the fashion first although I'm sure you're all itching to hear how he stole 40 lakhs from his brother, failed in slow poisoning him (remember when Umar was in the hospital), stole patterns from the Psycho line (couldn't resist the dig) and more. All that later, in the next post. Nadia Hussain looking gorgeously in shape and merely ten pounds away from her pre-baby weight. She'll be back on the catwalk...
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