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15 Oct

PLBW Grand Finale, a masterpiece

The Orientalists: Rehan Bashir, Tia Noon and Kamiar Rokni When we speak of the Masters, we remember the work they chose to do, not the work they were commissioned to do by Kings and Queens. The Orientalist will go down in history as a 'bridal' collection created by the able House of Kamiar Rokni to elevate design and art in a similar way. It was a piece of art, not just a trendy collection aiming to benefit from lucrative bridal cycle. As I tweeted, if I were John Keats, I would write an Ode to it. That said, I will try to express the strength of The Orientalist instead of closing my eyes to enjoy the sartorial...
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10 Jul

Kami, the Parson connection and Pakistan’s very own Alexa Chung!

Kamiar Rokni is back in the game! Pakistan’s most creative and talented design whiz has been on a very long sabbatical – blame it on his flailing heath, he says – and he’s been sorely missed from red carpet and runway action. There were fears that he was retiring from the fashion action altogether. Thankfully, that’s far from the truth. Tia Noon and Kamiar Rokni are back at the drawing board, working on their first collection for the upcoming PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week. "For the couture Tia came up with a concept a while ago and that slowly developed into something interesting for the current collection...
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