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15 Jan

Is style affordable in Pakistan?

Fabric is. Fashion isn’t (Instep Today, The News 15.1.2011) While having lunch at Aylanto last week I noticed a pair of legs walk in and they were no ordinary pair of legs. Clad in opaque black tights crowned at the bum with a tight belted mini-dress, these legs were of the fashionable variety. Needless to say the woman wore boots; high heeled, spiked patent leather boots. I spotted another similar specimen at Butler’s the other evening. A tall, rather Amazonian woman walked in wearing very well tailored, high waisted trousers, heels (despite her towering height) and she wore her long hair in a casual knot somewhere down the middle of her back. Another fashion statement. They’re all over the place. Sometime in winter – approximately...
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4 Mar

Why do women move in herds when it comes to style?

Published in Instep, The News on March 2, 2010 Let’s face it: as women in Pakistan, most of us are not really encouraged to take individual decisions in our lives. We live in the protective shadow of either our parents or our husbands and those of us who manage to break away (by means of a foreign education perhaps) are eventually considered social outcasts or worse, rebels. There’s hope for us if we’re effectively lured back into the roost (the most desirable lasso being a suitable boy) but if we blow the candles on our twenty fifth birthday cake in a bachelorette pad in London, as our global salt and pepper of friends pop a cork with us, we’re mentally crossed...
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