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24 Jul

Teri Meri Love Story: Another bad copy of Bollywood?

The film industry keeps telling us journalists and bloggers to give them some time because they are still learning, but when you see the trailer of the film Teri Meri Love Story you can't help but ask the question: Is Bollywood their teacher? Not that there's anything wrong with being influenced or inspired by another form of cinema, but can't we try to learn from someone better?   TMLS is a comedy/action flick revolving around three characters, where the girl wants to marry her boyfriend but her father is making her marry someone else. But this story is not made clear in the trailer; perhaps the filmmakers decided to leave some mystery, since the story is hardly anything original. Which brings us to...
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6 Apr

Bashar Momin: a new take on Beauty and the Beast

Meet Bashar Momin: corrupt, uncouth, harsh and appalling in his dealings with those beneath him. And everyone is beneath him, which is why BM only talks in high decibel. Correction. He doesn’t talk, he shouts.   Faysal Qureshi does justice to his role as Bashar Momin Now meet Rudaba: the young, pretty damsel in distress. If you thought girls didn’t faint anymore then think again. This one faints when she faces BM’s wrath. Her poor heart can’t take it. A bit Victorian? Well, yes. Pretty and appropriately innocent looking, Ushna Shah has a hard time standing up to Faysal Qureshi when it comes to performances. But she certainly is pleasant. As much as the play, airing on...
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