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25 Jun

7 things we wish we hadn’t seen this Ramzan

As much as I love Ramzan, this year I'm extremely disappointed. People have been at their worst; nationally, globally, politically, whether on the streets and even on television. Yes, even TV stars - infact especially TV stars - have made my blood boil and I wish I could unsee all the programs in which they are all acting insane. In no particular order, here are some of the worst TV moments this Ramzan...
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3 Dec

Veena Malik’s Naked Gun!

Funnies: "Veena can't be ISI, she reveals too much!" Rumour has it that the cat got Mufti Saab's tongue last night. He sure didn't see this one coming despite his recent encounters with Veena. Look, the jokes are running very high since yesterday and some of them are just very, very funny. Veena has been invited to join PTI; after all, she has no assets to declare. If we can just get off our moral high horses for a second to enjoy the moment. For starters, I'd be delighted if I had a body like that and Veena should (and probably is) secretly be happy that she looks this hot on the cover of a popular magazine. Has anyone...
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