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11 Feb

Valentine’s Day: a bittersweet symphony

(Dawn, February 10 2013) Sweets for the sweet and honey for my honey? With the amount of sugar going around on Valentine’s Day, we’re lucky to not have a nation full of diabetics on our hands. But truth be told, if there’s anything that makes Valentine’s Day palatable (for those of us who find it overbearing), it would be the quest for the perfect dessert. Devoid of the mushy soppiness that sugar acquires on Valentine’s Day, dessert is what makes the world go round. Sugar to Valentine’s Day is what snow is to Christmas, eggs to Easter and bats to Halloween. Valentine is a synonym for sweet, sugary love; the kind of love that you find in ballads and fairy tales, even...
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15 Feb

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy carries Polly&Me

Spotted: Oscar nominee Obaid-Chinoy at Xander's Cafe with her Polly&Me shoulder bag There you see Sharmeen with a friend, a day ahead of her session at KLF This weekend was quite hectic, with the Karachi Literature Festival taking place and great films releases in the cinema. But between two different genres of art, one did have to catch a quick bite. Where else to go other than Clifton's favourite new cafe, Xander's, which is all the more popular for the cheerful and bright ambience and the fact that Xander's always has a surprise or two on it's menu. If you haven't yet tried, I would go for the new fire-oven baked thin crust pizza...
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25 Oct

Xander’s Cafe is open!

Xander's first foodies on Oct 24: Ammar, Aaminah and Hamza with man of the hour, Sikander or as they call him in France Ale'XANDER'. It was by total coincidence that Zeba Husain mentioned, on the last day of fashion week, that Xander's was opening tomorrow (Sunday) and we need to catch up over lunch. It was a totally last minute thing that I decided to take mother to Ensemble, knowing at the back of my mind that Xander's was beckoning too. It was! Walked in, to be joined within minutes by Ammar Belal, Aaminah Haq and Hamza Tarrar, who beat me to being the 'first official customers' by ordering first. Must say Aaminah's Eggs Benedict looked absolutely yum...
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6 Oct

Ensemble’s charity drive takes fashion on a night out

NEWS ALERT: Ensemble Lahore will be moving into 10Q, a space formerly occupied by the PFDC Boulevard. Mahin Hussain Shehrnaz Husain Multi-retail stores offering desirable fashion labels are popping up every week, in almost every nook and commercial cranny of Pakistan's big cities. There are countless in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and even Faisalabad though I wouldn't label all of them with a  'desirable' stamp of approval. It can still be safely said that Labels, The Designers and Ensemble are three of the biggest names in one-stop fashion stores, followed very closely by Melange in Islamabad. In fact Melange would pose very sound competition to the others if it were anywhere other than in Islamabad. The thing...
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28 Sep

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Sikander at his mother's Cafe Flo during the launch of Tapulicious. The temptation to put this picture up on my blog was too much to resist, though I admit I should ideally have waited for some more information. Oh hogwash! What more do you need to know than the fact the Sikander - Nur Jehan's grandson, Florence Rizvi's son and Sonya Jehan's brother (he must be cringing at this hijacking of his own identity: sorry Sikander!) - is finally ready to open his cafe for business in Karachi. With food in his lineage and style in his DNA he cannot go wrong! Xander's Cafe will be inaugurating sometime in the next two weeks and it will be kicking...
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