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31 May

Teaser of Eid telefilm ‘Help Me Durdana’ promises double dose of fun

Help Me Durdana

Eid is just around the corner so the anticipation for Eid telefilms is on all-time high. While a number of lighthearted dramas and comedy plays have tickled our fancy during Ramazan, it’s time to look forward to what’s in store to fulfill Eid’s entertainment quota. Yasir Hussain’s telefilm — Help Me Durdana — is one such offering that we can’t wait to watch.

The first teaser for the telefilm is out and we get to see why the director has taken a spin on Punjab Nahi Jaungi’s famous dialogue. Yasir is playing a double role in it; one male and the other female. The rest of the cast played by Mehmood Aslam and Ushna Shah were seen seeking help from Yasir’s female version, Durdana. We see Mehmood Aslam trying to convince Durdana to become his life partner, meanwhile Ushna (who is most likely playing Mehmood’s daughter) forbids him to do so.



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Yasir has been sharing his photos clad in beautiful saris and dolled up in makeup from the shoot, and oh boy it looks interesting. With his wit and acting prowess, this one’s going to leave a mark.

Directed by Abis Raza and produced by Fahad Mustafa, Help Me Durdana will air on ARY Digital.


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