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2 May

Teasers of ‘Aakhir Kab Tak’ depict an intense story

Aakhir Kab Tak

HUM TV has recently released two teasers of Ushna Shah’s upcoming drama serial — Aakhir Kab Tak — and by the looks of it, the drama appears to be intense and gripping.

Though we are loving the change in television shows in Ramazan with more focus on lighthearted comedies, it is evident that shows will gradually switch to melodramas, family politics and social causes again after Eid. Aakhir Kab Tak, produced under Moomal Productions, appears to a part of that change.

Ushna Shah is working with the director of her hit drama, Bashar Momin, after seven years now. While she played a damsel in distress in Bashar Momin, it appears that this time the actor-director duo have taken a complete U-turn as it is being said that the drama is based on themes of feminism.



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The teasers haven’t revealed much but the names of the two sisters — Noor (Ushna Shah) and Fajar (Srha Asghar). Noor is haunted by a nightmare where she is desperately searching for Fajar inside a house. Later, Fajar is locked inside a classroom by Azfar Rehman’s character, who is most likely the antagonist. Ushna posted a picture from the shoot which hinted that she might be playing the role of a teacher in this drama. Though we are not sure about the storyline, this one is definitely going to be about a social issue and we expect to see Ushna play a powerful female character.


Aakhir Kab Tak


Adeel Husain is playing the male lead opposite Ushna Shah and the drama also stars Haroon Shahid, so we can anticipate their appearances in the upcoming teasers or trailer. The drama will air on HUM TV, however no date has been announced yet.

Here is the second teaser:





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