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3 May

TFPW SS2015: Day 2

No beating around the bush or sugar coating, I have to say it like I saw it. The second day at TFPW was not great. If we were looking for some missing oomph yesterday, then all efforts were completely brushed under the rug today. At one point the collections had become so mundane that Abdul Samad’s runway gimmickry brought a moment of (misguided) thrill. As least it was entertaining.


Unfortunately I do not love fashion week for its entertainment value but for its fashion forwardness, for the new and unexpected trends it promises to offer, for the mental notes it pushes one to make on what trends to adapt and what to wear. Fashion Week, so far, has not managed to elicit too many shrieks of excitement.


Amir Adnan opened the day with a collection dedicated to grooms. Thankfully there were no turbans or tried and tested groom’s wear formulas rather very well-constructed, mature garments. I may have found the use of brocade and jamevar a little overwhelming but the two-tiered kurtas, the layers and texturing and the bejeweled accents were interesting. I loved the richness of the gem tie.


Amir Adnan proved why he is master of his game.


Sanam Chaudhri followed with a luxury collection clearly created as luxury pret/ formal wear. While there were some immediate winners in the collection – the cutwork fabric, the wraparound trousers and the contrasting colours and fabrics that created an interesting 3D effect – it somehow did not impress as a whole. There were displaced elements like the tasseled belts that were more curtain tie backs. The palette wasn’t too exciting either. I miss the days when Sanam did that stunning Japanese collection in vivid red and blue. I hope she returns to cutting edge casual clothing soon.


Sanam clearly knows how to combine the elements of design but she missed a step every now and then.


Speaking of vivid, Jafferjees’ collection for Spring/Summer was absolutely stunning. It went dotty and fringy in its tone and ran with the idea of sporty and fun instead of classic and restrained. Jafferjees is a great example of how a high street accessory brand can place itself at fashion week and make a great impression.


Sadly, the Canchi and Lugari and Gul Ahmed shows made no such impression. More on that as well as thoughts on Abdul Samad, the verdict on whites i.e. Zaheer Abbas and why Fahad Hussayn is obsessed with dominatrices and must have a dead bird in his show.


Watch this space for updates tomorrow morning…


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