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26 Jul

Teri Raza has an intriguing hook

teri raza

Four episodes into the story, Teri Raza is definitely picking up pace and interest. It’s not your average love triangle and while the story isn’t entirely unique, it does have intriguing twists and turns that add to its appeal.

In the last episode Suhana, who was deeply involved with her classmate Rameez, agreed to marry her older cousin Imtiaz when a) Rameez lied about telling his parents about her, and b) her grandmother does an istikhara and it favours Imtiaz as her ideal match. Several things created high points of interest in chapter four of the story.

I find the relationship between Suhana and her parents extremely refreshing and progressive. They had the kind of relationship in which she could confide in them and they supported her choice and gave Rameez a chance until it kind of backfired. I think Suhana’s mother (Shaheen Khan) is especially impressive.

teri raza

Shahroz Subzwari and Sanam Baloch on the sets of Teri Raza

The play was originally titled Istakhara and the dua, that helps one seek help from Allah in matters of great concern, plays a huge role in the storyline. Though Suhana’s daadi is the one who does the istakharas, it actually helps Suhana come to terms with her arrangement with Imtiaz. Though she initially saw him as an elder brother, she says she can’t say no because it’s “Allah ki raza”. It also indicates at the story development because this almost completely certifies that Imtiaz will turn out to be the right choice for her. I would be extremely surprised if the story went against the predictable here.

The strongest element in Teri Raza is performances. Sanam Baloch may not always look like a young college student but her personality is aspirational. He has a mind of her own while having religious and moral values and is not a whiner. Shahroz Subzwari is also impressive as the rebellious and rude Rameez, who has a nightmare of a temper. The fact that everyone watching probably wanted to slap him when Suhana actually does is testament to his convincing performance.

For me the pivot of this story, however, is Sarmad Khoosat who we aren’t getting enough of. He’s an older cousin and has none of the swag of someone who has worked and returned from London. He’s a gentleman – kind of a Shakespearean hero – who gets nervous and awkward around Suhana who he is head over heels in love with. And he may be simple but he is equally astute; he does pick up on his fiance’s cold vibes. There’s obviously more to him, which hopefully will emerge in future episodes. Imtiaz is not your average macho man but there has to be something (other than his obvious niceness) that will attract the younger Suhana to him. Right now she finds him boring and I just hope there’s a twist to his personality that’ll shock and surprise her as well as us.

Promos of the next episode reveal a raging Rameez and again, not enough of Imtiaz but let’s wait and see how this story unravels.




Aamna Haider Isani

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