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1 Oct

Teri Raza: Why Suhana really does deserve Rameez, not Imtiaz

The first few episodes of Teri Raza revealed how rude and almost obnoxious a human being Rameez was. He was rude to Suhana, his parents, his friends and even Suhana’s mother. 13 episodes into the story we know that Suhana is equally ill-mannered and while we may have felt they were mismatched they actually are a match made in heaven!


  1. Suhana is rude to Imtiaz, her husband who she admits is a very good human being. He continues to treat her affectionately and she continues to be abrasive with him. Suhana’s taste in men is actually as bad as her taste in food. Chicken steak, extra spicy? How unsavory.


Note: Imtiaz is the epitome of role reversal. He’s actually the quintessential Pakistani heroine, who also doubles as a doormat. Buss, he needs to start crying to complete the picture. Jeena is actually more man than Imtiaz. Notice how she confronts Rameez and attacks/threatens him.


  1. Suhana is rude to Rameez, who’s borderline stalking her now and she’s also rude to her best friend Jeena, who’s engaged to Rameez. She advises them both to jump off the roof when they ask her, individually, to help her in their relationship with each other.


  1. Suhana is rude to Azeez Bhai, her mother in law’s elderly cook, for coming in a few hours late. She throws a tantrum and doesn’t even have the decency to apologize when she realizes her mistake.


Moral of the story: Suhana and Rameez totally deserve each other. We’re against violence so don’t want Imtiaz to resort to a thappar but we do wish he’d learn a thing or two from Jeena and be man enough to knock some sense into her.




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