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30 Nov

TGIF: Here’s your guide to an exciting weekend in Karachi & Lahore


We spend most of our lives on autopilot; eat, work, sleep and repeat. The monotony of daily life can get tiring and boring which is why we have weekends, right? So, to take that well-deserved break, here are fun things you can do and exciting events you can attend this weekend in Karachi and Lahore:


Friday, 30th November 2018




1) Trip to Moola Chotuk, Balochistan 




Weekends are the ideal time for a quick getaway and nothing is better than spending the night with friends in a mountainous area. Beautiful blue waters, starry sky and the company of your loved ones; sounds refreshing!

Tickets: PKR 8000

Location: to be disclosed upon booking

Timings: 10pm (Fri)- 10pm (Sun)

For details, click here.


2) The Best of Dirty Comedy Show 




It is only fair for the parents and young at heart to take some quality time out for themselves. And what is better than laughing till your belly hurts on jokes you cannot crack in public? The best of stand-up comedy in Karachi bring you their popular and final adult comedy show.

Tickets: PKR 600

18 above allowed only

Location: M.A.D School, Zamzama (adjacent Zamzama Mall)

Timings: 8:30pm- 10pm

For more information, click here.






1) Laughter Therapy with Yasmin Butt 




Laughter is the best medicine. Not only does laughter improve your mood, it also ensures that you have a sound sleep and stay stress-free. This 40-minute session is a stress management exercise which will surely balance your mood and kickstart your weekend in the most rewarding way.

Tickets: PKR 1000

Location: Plan9, Arfa Technology Park

Timings: 5:30pm-7pm

Get answers to your queries here.


2) Organic Bazaar at Packages Mall 




In a world full of artificial ingredients and flavours, savour the opportunity to get farm fresh organic products. Whether you are on the lookout for eco-friendly goods or natural healthcare products, you will find it all at this natural and cultural bazaar.

Entry inside the mall is free.

Location: Packages Mall

Timings: 10am to midnight

Got questions? Get in touch with the organizers here.


Saturday, 1st December 2018




1) Jaza, Saza: Theatre play 




Directed by Zia Mohyeddin, this play is the adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. The play is a commentary on sexual morality and the use and abuse of power. The play moves from comedy to tragicomedy through the course of the performance.

Tickets: PKR 1000 (adults) PK 500 (students)

Location: NAPA Theatre Repertory

Timings: 8pm onwards

Get details here.


2) Comedy Masala International 




Bringing together the best of stand-up comedians for this event, Comedy Masala has garnered massive applause from the audience in Pakistan. This is their final show of 2018 in the country so if you are not easily offended, know how to take a joke lightly and want to have an amazing Saturday night, this is the place you want to be at.

Tickets: PKR 2500 (advance booking only)

Location revealed to attendees only

Timings: 9:30pm-11:30pm

For questions, get in touch with the organizers here.


3) 2 Brunton Exhibition 




Mixing trendy with eastern tradition, the label is known for its exquisite yet minimalistic designs. The luxury pret-wear is currently only available in Dubai so this marks the designer’s debut one-day pop-up exhibit. Revamp your closet with these fine pieces of clothing by 2 Brunton.

Entry is free.

Location: Nina Lotia, Lane 10, Bukhari Commercial

Timings: 11am onwards

For more, click here 




1) Khuaab Gaah presents a visit to Wazir Khan Mosque 




Exploring urban places with a new perspective, Khuaab Gaah aims to provide a learning experience through excursion. The reading club previously organized discussion meetups for books so this is their unique take on discussing the historical significance and the majesty of Wazir Khan Mosque.

Tickets: PKR 500 (registration and advance payment required)

Location: Wazir Khan Mosque

Timings: 7:30am-12:30pm

Further information here.


2) Makeup Exhibition 




Do you often attend exhibitions only to find yourself empty handed because all the best things are sold out? That is exactly what makes this makeup exhibit stand out! A private sale for everyone who wants to shop in peace and avoid the commotion.

Entry is free but if you RSVP before attending you get FLAT 10% discount.

Location: Commercial Centre 3, Phase II, Link Road

Timings: 12pm-9pm

Get more details here.


Sunday, 2nd December 2018




1) House of K: Winter Blossom Exhibition 




Shop food, crafts and trendy outfits at this exhibition. From Interiors by Khan to Batter & Dough, you will find the best Karachi based brands under one roof. If you were stressed about what you will wear to the next wedding you attend, this is your chance to shop.

Entry is free.

Location: D-45, Block 4, Clifton

Timings: 12pm onwards

Further details are mentioned here.


2) Comedy Night 2 with LolWaalay! 




There’s no better way to wrap up your weekend then laughing it off. Add to that a good cause and it becomes a laugh for a reason! The famous improv comedy group LolWalay are bringing you an evening filled with laughter, giggles and friendly banter. All the proceeds from the event go to Karawan-e-Hayat NGO to help provide medical aid for mentally-challenged children.

Tickets: PK 1500

Location: FTC Auditorium, Shahrah-e-Faisal

Timings: 8pm- 10pm

Find details here.


3) The Contingent nature of Art




Talented visual artists and performing artists are bringing you one of a kind multidisciplinary exhibit in Karachi. Curated by Fizi Sheikh, Cosmic Fluid — which is an improv music ensemble — will perform alongside some of the most talented visual artists.

Tickets: PKR 1000 per person

Location: Full Circle Gallery, Clifton

Timings: 7pm-11pm

For queries, click here.




1) Paint your heart out! 




It is essential that parents allow children to grow and explore their possibilities. At a younger age, children want to be appreciated for whatever they do and nothing is better than allowing them to paint even outside the lines. This painting playdate with your little one is the perfect way to spend time with them and make them feel loved.

Tickets: PKR 1500 per child

Location: British Education and Training System (BETS), facing Canal, New Muslim Town

Timings: 3pm-5pm

Further details are available here or contact 0300-8458807


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