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31 Oct

The Bands Are Back: Pepsi is releasing 8 new music videos with our BOB favorites!

Pepsi is one brand that has been committed to nurturing and promoting the art of music in the country. With Pepsi Battle of the Bands launching hugely talented artists in to the industry in recent years, Pepsi is ready to take the next step and is sponsoring 8 music videos for bands from the hit reality show, in an effort to bring the bands back.

In an industry where funding can be the downfall of many a talented band, this initiative from Pepsi is a huge leap forward in terms of giving new faces a firm footing. Not just one or two, but 8 videos is a huge contribution in current times when independent music videos are scarce, and what’s better than even more homegrown musical content?



Titled They Are Back, the promo released on the Pepsi Battle of the Bands YouTube page yesterday seems extremely promising, with a ton of interesting visuals. Cementing the creative genius behind the project, the 30 second promo is enough to set the mood in place for the actual releases.

One would have thought that Pepsi Battle of the Bands is enough to change the music ecosystem, however it’s imperative to not just discover new talent, but to also give them a strong launch, and Pepsi is bang on with their handling of the talent that they scout on their reality show; making sure to not waste them as a one-hit wonder.

It’s no secret that music videos are an all important part of band culture, and if we want to revive music ecosystem in Pakistan, attention must be paid to the production and distribution of good quality music videos, which is exactly what the aim of this initiative seems to be and we’re all for it!


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