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27 Sep

The Donkey King trailer promises a fun-filled adventure

Donkey King

After exciting people with its interesting teaser, makers of the highly-anticipated animated film The Donkey King released its official trailer on Monday.

The 2 minute, 18 seconds long trailer starts with an exciting announcement indicating appointment of a new ruler for Mangu’s homeland and shows a fox (voiced by Hina Dilpazeer) plotting to install Mangu (voiced by Jan Rambo) on the throne so she can rule through him.

Mangu, who at first is reluctant to be crowned the head of the jungle, agrees to bear responsibility as the king of the jungle, as a series of unfortunate events led by some evil forces start controlling the kingdom. What will Mangu do to stop it all? That’s what the film has to answer.

Promising a strong narrative, aesthetics and an enjoyable time, the trailer does leave one wanting more. However, will the film be able to provide anything new that hasn’t already been revealed in the trailer? The concept does refer back to the donkey in Shrek as well as Kung Fu Panda, in which a cumbersome Panda is destined to be the ‘Chosen One’. Will The Donkey King live up to expectations and deliver an original film? That only time can tell…

The Donkey King is slated to release on October 13.

Check out the trailer here:

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