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24 Oct

The first episode of Thora Sa Haq is out and it’s giving us major Humsafar vibes

Thora Sa Haq

The first episode of Imran Abbas and Ayeza Khan starrer Thora Sa Haq went on air last night and from the onset, it reminded us of the blockbuster drama Humsafar. Directed by Ahmed Bhatti, Thora Sa Haq revolves around a love triangle between three cousins played by Ayeza Khan, Imran Abbas and Mashal Khan, which instantly takes us back to the love triangle in between Fawad, Mahira and Naveen in Humsafar.

However, a love triangle is not the only similarity between the two shows. Thora Sa Haq also has a hapless dying parent and a doting brother who helps his dying sibling. He forces his obedient son to marry his cousin to fulfill his dying brother’s last wish. Interestingly, the loving brother is played by Behroze Sabzwari in both the dramas.



Seher (Ayeza), lives in Hyderabad with her poverty-stricken father, Eijaz (Mehmood Akhtar), whereas Humsafar’s Khirad lived with her mother in the same city. Seher’s father is ostracized by his family that lives in Karachi and includes two elder brothers, played by Behroze Sabzwari and Firdous Jamal, and their kids, Zamin (Imran) and Hareem (Mashal) who are engaged and seemingly in love. Nobody in the family living in Karachi is in contact with Eijaz and Seher except for Waqar (Behroze).

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Seher is getting married to an absent fiancé (as he doesn’t appear throughout the episode) and her father invites her uncle Waqar and Zamin to the wedding. The father-son duo happily agrees and shows up to the event. However, in a convenient turn of events, Seher’s absent fiancé remains absent and doesn’t turn up to actually marry his to-be-wife. This trauma leads Eijaz to his death bed, and the unfortunate parent asks his brother Waqar to look after Seher following his imminent death. And just like Khirad’s protective uncle from Humsafar, Seher’s uncle steps up and promises to get her married to Zamin.




Zamin is utterly shocked with his father’s unexpected plea, but obliges anyway and ends up saying ‘qabool hai’, ignoring calls from his fiancé, Hareem. The first chapter of the show comes to an end just as the unexpected couple gets into the bond of marriage and the dying parent finally takes his last breath.

After watching the first episode of Thora Sa Haq, we were left feeling nostalgic. Let’s just hope that the show takes a different turn, which it most probably will, but for now we are getting severe Humsafar feels.

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Zainab Zaidi