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9 Jul

The pros and cons of face masks turning into a fashion accessory

The world of fashion is one of the boldest forms of art that imitates life. Over time, the fashion industry has managed to turn any and every wardrobe essential into a statement-piece and we’ve all enjoyed the transition and drama. The biggest and most universal transition has been of sports gear into fashion athleisure, as it is fashionable known as now. Keeping in mind the current situation, where fashion takes a backseat and necessities take precedent, fashion gurus all over the world are now glamorizing utilitarian face masks. These essentials, which are needed to help curb the pandemic, have now turned into a must-have fashion accessory.

Human beings seek for individuality in everyday life. Clothes are a significant form of showcasing one’s personality, hence wearing the standard medical face mask over fashionable clothes didn’t seem right to most fashionistas. Fashion designers thus came to the rescue and found a way to create an accessory out of the medical product by customizing the face mask to each outfit or trend. However, each fashion trend has its pros and cons, right? Here are some we can list for these stylish face masks:


What we like

1) We can match them to every outfit now


Ukrainian brand JULIYA KROS 


Just like clothes and other accessories, face masks can help in presenting our individuality. This can become another accessory we can alter according to our outfits.



2) It will make more people interested in wearing face masks


Pakistani brand Fnk Asia’s reusable and multi-layered facemasks


Many people avoid facemasks because they don’t go well with their formal outfits. A matching face mask will make it easier for them to wear, just like a matching handbag or piece of jewellery. These Fnk Asia masks offer more than just a matching accessory with its multiple-layered filter which makes it more effective than a standard surgical mask!



What we don’t like

1) Some are useless


GypsysportNY selling beaded face masks at $30


Some face masks don’t make any sense at all. Some fashion houses are selling questionable products in the name of fashion. This isn’t what we had in mind when we said it will make fashion-forward people wear face masks. Also, most brands are offering cloth masks, however, a cloth covering is the most basic form of face masks one can own. Selling an over-hyped version of this will make people assume that it’s sufficient for all situations.


2) The high price point remains questionable


Collina Strada selling matching face masks with their printed pants for $100


Brands selling face masks at drastically high-profit margins are capitalizing on the pandemic, which is drawing a line between people of different social classes for something that is essential. However, since that is how the fashion world works, it would be understandable if it was more than a basic cloth mask so people don’t end up believing that just because they’re spending more money on a face mask, they have maximum protection.


3) Some masks are unwashable 


Thai brand VORAVAJ


Some embellished facemasks that are actually supposed to provide protection, offer no value for money. The reason being that they can’t be washed with all the detailing on them. Hence, they’re no better the disposable ones since both shouldn’t be used more than once!

What are your thoughts?


Eman Lakhany