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28 Jul

There is no room for art, talent, merit or quality in private TV channels, says veteran actor Mohammed Ahmed

Mohammed Ahmed

Veteran actor and writer Mohammed Ahmed who you can currently see as Anaya’s father (Mawra Hocane) in Sabaat recently gave an eye-opening interview to Rafay Rashdi in which they discussed about the foundations of the media industry. The actor spoke uninhibitedly about how the industry, especially the new generation, has been wrongfully treating the people associated with the field for decades.

The veteran actor who considers himself a writer first revealed the reasons behind taking a break from writing.

“I kept myself in this illusion for almost 17 years that I could write, and then I was told by some institutions that ‘you are not a good writer’ so I discontinued. I was very troubled when I got an offer for Cake and I transitioned into acting. However, I feel that I am none of the above; I just read my line in front of the camera,” he said.

When asked how he feels about the evolution of the industry, Mohammed Ahmed was disappointed.

“This is a painful period when it comes to scripts as well as production. It is very difficult for me to read wrong Urdu and speak dialogues which are below the belt. I read as a writer and deliver as an actor but I’m walking on a double-edged sword,” he shared.

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The actor still believes that good content may come out of PTV but not from any private TV channel as their criterion for quality content is not favorable.

“There is no room for art, talent, merit or quality but more weight is given to parchi system (favoritism) or fair skin in private channels. We are still making irrelevant comparisons like why Turkish content or Bollywood films are here. Why don’t we compare the freedom of thought and expression they have shown in their mediums? Our freedom of expression is only limited to vulgarity,” he added.

“There was a time when art was defamed and associated with defamatory terms. Now, I feel like people who are associated to this industry, automatically transform into patrons of another profession. Arrogance, ignorance, aimlessness was not art; art is meant to be truthful. So where can you see the truth? When father-in-law is romancing daughter-in-law or where sister-in-law is casting spells on brother-in-law etc?” he questioned.

He also pointed out the lack for respect amongst actors, especially for senior artists and recalled an incident.

“I was working on a project once with a new artist and she was late for over four hours. I asked her assistant and you will not believe the things that the young actor said to me. I don’t think I can ever repeat them again. She called me out in front of almost 30 people. She didn’t recognize me, so I told her that I’m of your father’s age. She still went on and insulted me. Everyone has their self-respect. One has to respect the age. But when even that doesn’t happen, then what else can I even say?” the actor said.

You can watch the complete interview here which is full of revelations:


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