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14 Sep

This is not the first look of Kamli – Sarmad Khoosat

Sarmad Khoosat just recently released a series of very interestingly shot underwater images, revealing that Saba Qamar had been roped in as the lead in his second film, Kamli. This came as great news for Sarmad Khoosat and Saba Qamar fans; the two powerhouses have worked together in Manto: he as Saadat Hassan Manto and she as the legendary Madam Nur Jehan.

Contrary to general assumptions, though, Sarmad also confirmed that the images were misleading; this was not the first look of the film, which had yet to go on floors and was in fact in pre-production phase right now.

“Kamli will go on floors next month,” Sarmad shared. “Saba has been learning how to swim for the role and we just shot some very interesting images, which we thought would be an intriguing way of announcing her as lead actor of the film.”

The images immediately caught everyone’s attention, as expected.



Kamli, Sarmad explained, would be his second film under the banner of Khoosat Films (his newly formed production house) and was in pre-production phase. The male lead had been confirmed and would be announced soon but the rest of the cast included Sania Saeed, Nimrah Buccha, Umair Rana and newcomer Eman Shahid.

“The story and actor lineup is our strength,” Sarmad said, keeping much of the information to himself, speaking about the genre, music and overall feel of the film.

“With Kamli I’m stepping into the mainstream,” is all he shared, saying that this would be an all-out commercial film, unlike projects that he did that were branded as ‘art films’. “I’d like to think that all my work is artistic,” he smiled, uncomfortable with the fact that art films and commercial films were identified as dull and fun respectively. Kamli, therefore would bear the Sarmad Khoosat trademark of aesthetic and intellectual excellence but would still fall into the mainstream zone of ‘fun films’.

The release date for Zindagi Tamasha, the first film under Khoosat Productions, will be announced soon so Khoosat fans have something to look forward to while Kamli goes on floors.



Aamna Haider Isani

The author is Editor-in-Chief at Something Haute as well as Editor at Instep, The News. Full time writer, critic with a love for words and an intolerance for typos.