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1 Jun

This WB by Hemani safety kit is all the ammunition you need to fight COVID-19

The unpredictability of the coronavirus has left everyone baffled. We’re struggling to make sense of this microscopic enemy that is holding the entire world hostage and is attacking human beings in diverse, yet often deadly ways. We know very little about the virus, especially how it can be controlled until a vaccine is developed and approved, but amidst all this uncertainty, we know two things for certain. First, to stay safe we must maintain as much social distance as possible and when we interact with other people, we must keep our hygiene levels as high as possible. Second, we need to strengthen our immune system so that our body is equipped to deal with the virus when and if it manages to slip through our sanitized guard.

We’re currently standing on a very slippery slope. The government has eased on the lockdown to normalize economic activity, especially for daily wagers, but the number of coronavirus infected people is on a dangerous incline. Reports suggest that numbers will peak in June and so we must equip ourselves as well as we can.

Fortunately, there are ample sanitization products in the market that can help you maintain high standards of hygiene. Unfortunately, the imported ranges are generally too pricey and most of the local varieties are unreliable. We recently got our hands on a COVID-19 safety kit launched by WB by Hemani and it has turned out to be a great option.


WB by Hemani


Building on a ‘Sehatmand Aur Mehfooz Jahan’ tagline, the aim of the campaign is, basically, a call for a healthy and safe world. It encourages everyone to follow hygiene protocols and maintain cleanliness in their surroundings. In connection, WB by Hemani’s newly launched range of products of personal care and hygiene will help in keeping you and your environment germ free. The products are manufactured as per WHO standard and kill 99.9 % germs. Here’s a rundown of what comes in the kit…

Everything you need for clean hands 

The travel-size WB by Hemani Insta Safe Hand Sanitizer Spray is convenient to carry and will help you get rid of germs on the go; we’d recommend this for your hands and doorknobs or other frequently touched surfaces. The Anti-Bacterial Luxury Hand Wash kills 99.9% germs while keeping your hands clean and moisturized; this one comes in a hand-pump bottle, convenient to keep at home. And if you’re worried about the safety AND softness of your hands, then you’ll love the clip top bottle that you can carry everywhere. It’s got Aloe Vera extracts so that your hands don’t feel as if they’ve been exposed to harsh chemicals. This is a very earthy range, which’ll delight you with the feel and fragrance of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Peppermint oils.



How clean can your home be?

Very, with the help of this Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Spray, which will help in cleaning the surfaces you frequently use. This contributes to the over-all defense against COVID-19. The kit also includes an Anti-Bacterial Air Spray that keeps the air clean, germ and bacteria free, along with releasing a refreshing scent.

Boost your immunity

You must be overwhelmed with advice on how to boost your immunity, but the good people at the WB By Hemani research department have done all the necessary homework for you. This special immunity boosting kit (complementary in each package) includes a mix of honey, herbal tea for treating colds and coughs, black seed oil and hermal seeds. Collectively, all these products contribute in strengthening your immune system. This is the armour you need against COVID-19.

The products are fairly priced and easily accessible to help people come together for a sehatmand aur mehfooz jahan.

Stay healthy and stay safe!


The Haute Team

This article is written by one of our competent team members.