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31 Jul

5 times Sohai Ali Abro and Adnan Sarwar dazzled on Tonite With HSY


This week on a much-awaited episode of our very own Koffee with…oops, we mean Tonite With HSY, Sohai Ali Abro, and Adnan Sarwar were featured, who are both riding high on the success of their film, Motorcycle Girl.

From speaking about their critically acclaimed film, to how the industry typecasts certain actors, the director and actor duo spoke with true heart and left no stones unturned in getting their point across. What exactly did the two say that made it to our top 5 moments of the show? Here’s the lowdown!


Who am I to take a hiatus?” – Sohai Ali Abro

If you thought or ever read that Sohai Ali Abro took a ‘hiatus’ between her debut in Jawani Phir Nahi Aani and Motorcycle Girl, think again! The actress made it clear that it really wasn’t her choice when all she was getting were ‘bad scripts!’

“You tell me out the films that have released, which have actually worked or have people liked?
Sohai questioned. “Generally, people say Pakistani films are not nice. Because we don’t make that sort of quality movies. There are hardly 3-4 people doing good projects. The scripts that were offered were bad quality! Who am I to take a hiatus?”


Sohai was being typecasted after JPNA

While we’re sure no one can forget JPNA’s OMG girl who grooved to the beats of ‘fair n lovely ka jalwa,’ Sohai really had to face a tough time because of it! Apparently, after the role, the actress ended up only being typecasted into similar roles and item songs.

“I was typecasted into such roles continuously,” Sohai told HSY. “Last year when directors would call me, would offer me item songs. I am an actor too! Don’t you want me to work in your movie?”

Yikes, not a good place to be stuck, is it?


“I am a loner” – Sohai Ali Abro

When HSY asked the actress how people consider her ‘happy-go-lucky’, she just had one answer; that’s not exactly what she is all the time.

“I am a loner and I like being alone,” Sohai explained. “I love my alone time, but it’s not like I don’t have friends or I don’t like going out. I would rather he home and watch a good show. My friends know that I am happy-go-lucky, and they know I am a joker. Its just that people who know me know how I am.”


Adnan Sarwar already decided he wanted Sohai as Motorcycle Girl

While usually the script is penned before deciding who needs to be cast for the role, it was the other way around for Motorcycle Girl. According to Adnan Sarwar, he already knew Sohai would play Zenith Irfan in the film.

“I actually wrote this role for Sohai,” the director claimed. “The film I saw of hers earlier, made me realise she is an exceptional actor. I believe the performance Sohai gave in Motorcycle Girl was groundbreaking.”

We have no qualms with that!


“Overnight stardom lack work ethics” – Adnan Sarwar

If you thought that filmmakers and stars had it easier than everyone else, think twice. According to the filmmaker, people who work hard and achieve stardom really have to pay for each ounce of blood that goes into their craft. While, on the other hand, those who use ‘social media’ for overnight stardom usually end up being sub-par.

“I believe there are two types of successful stars. One, who get over overnight success and we do have such examples, and the other, who triumph inch by inch,” Adnan explained. “What I have seen is that those who get overnight stardom lack work ethics, while those who have actually gone through rigorous times, know how it is. My rib is still broken after Shah! You end up knowing what everything in the film is about once you work this hard.”


What else went on the show? Check out the episode here:




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