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26 May

Top 10 iftar deals this Ramazan

Each year in Ramazan, restaurants come up with all sorts of deals to entice food lovers.  Although some of us enjoy home-cooked pakoras and spicy chaat, a large number of people have their iftar plans — that mostly involve dining out — chalked out right from the start of the month.

So, for those looking to break the monotony of having the same type of home-cooked food everyday, we have a few recommendations you can happily settle with this Ramazan. Here they are:

1. Chop Chop Wok


Choose between Salad or Wings

3 Step Wok (Rs 990) or Wok Special (Rs 1090) + Premium gelato and any drink!


2. Nando’s 


Ah our favourite! Two quarter chickens, 1 Reg Spicy Rice, 1 Reg Peri Peri Chips + 2 drinks for only Rs 1,100 (plus tax)

3. Lal’s

  Iftar for one at Rs 850 (plus tax) ONLY!!


4. Chacha Jee


  And it keeps getting better: An iftar thali for two @ Rs 750!


5. Dunkin Donuts


A sandwich, a donut, a drink and a mini pizza all for Rs 499 (exclusive of tax)


6. Pizza Hut


All of this in Rs 1,999!!


7. California Pizza


Trying to figure out which of the two deals is better. Thoughts?


8. McDonald’s


A McDonald’s meal for as low as Rs 475!


9. KFC


So many burgers, so much chicken!


10. Hardee’s

Deal for 3 in just Rs 1,450!


We hope our recommendations will help you plan your iftar better.

The Haute Team

This article is written by one of our competent team members.

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