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23 May

Transgender model and activist Kami Sid accused of rape

Transgender model and rights activist, Kami Sid, has been accused of raping a minor. She has also been accused of concealing evidence by paying people to keep the event under wraps for years.

The shocking news comes after Kami’s film Rani was showcased at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Following the film’s screening, a fellow activist Minahil Baloch made a post on their Facebook account, urging people to ‘stop supporting rapists, even if they make it to Cannes’.

The post caught the attention of Kami, who then contacted Minahil privately and threatened her, as seen in screenshots of messages later made public by Minahil.



The event has triggered a tirade of accusations at Kami, with details to the story being exposed for the first time to the general public. With the post going viral overnight, another activist Muhammad Salman Khan added to the story, detailing the account of the victim, who had initially been silenced and was murdered earlier this year by her lover.

“For the first time in years and that too at great personal risk I will be making this public that a well-known transgender activist and model Kami Sid from Karachi is a child molester, sexual harasser and rapist of a minor 15-year-old transgender girl,” read Salman’s post, following up with the incriminating details of the incident.


For the first time in years and that too at great personal risk I will be making this public that a well known…

Gepostet von Muhammad Salman Khan am Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2019


According to Salman’s post, the matter was initially handled by senior transgender community representatives, and the victim’s guru was allegedly paid by Kami to settle the matter.

However, the issue cropped up once again as Kami began to attract spotlight and became a feminist champion. The dispute was then taken to the Women Action Forum Karachi where the victim narrated her story in front of prominent activists, but according to Salman, “they’ve remained quiet about the incident.” Minahil and Salman’s accusations were also backed by prominent members of the feminist collective, Shumaila Hussain Shahani and Muhammad Moiz, also known by his drag name Ms. P. Chatni, to whom the victim allegedly reported her story.

We reached out to Kami for her comment and were told that she will be making a public statement soon.


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