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22 Sep

#TravelDiaries: Iqra Aziz takes us on a journey through the scenic sights of Cappadocia

Celebrities and their vacations have become quite a trending topic ever since Instagram came into our lives. Keeping the tradition alive of our new feature #TravelDiaries, we recently encountered the stylish Iqra Aziz having some fun in Cappadocia, Turkey with her friends and we couldn’t help but seek inspiration from her gorgeous vacation.

An ideal spot to go with our girl gang, might we add! So, how about we share some pictures?


When in Cappadocia, first click a selfie:



Then be enamoredย by the Turkish eye charm:


How about another shot in perfect round sunnies paired with gorgeous brown low lights:



Here amidst the picturesque mountains:ย 


Striking a pose with her bff:


The perfect mood uplifter:ย 


The charm lives on…:


From the looks of it, looks like Iqra Aziz is having quite the time of her life. But can we blame her? That’s what a vacation in Turkey does to you.

The Haute Team

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