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1 Sep

#TravelDiary: Mansha Pasha’s dreamy Mediterranean getaway on a cruise

Summer’s coming to a close, and our travel bags are tucked back into some spot in our houses. However, it seems as though some celebs are still living their life to the fullest, jet-setting to far off locations to unwind and relax, or hopping onto luxurious cruise ships to sail off into the dreamy skies.

And that’s exactly what Mansha Pasha is up to! After a great year thus far, with her acclaimed performances in Laal Kabootar and Surkh Chandni, the actress seems to finally be taking some time off for herself, and we’re all for it.

The starlet posed on-board the P & O cruise ship that departed from Valetta, Malta, we’re assuming, looking as excited as a kid being offered candy. The glow in her smile is dazzling, and we know exactly where it may have come from; it’s the travel glow!



Her first stop: Montenegro! That’s right, the lovely, Balkan, coastal town. Montenegro’s architecture bears heavy Venetian influences, interestingly because it was ruled by Venice for hundreds of years! Mansha posing in Kotor, Montenegro is enough to give us major green eye, all in the good ways, of course, and it’s making us itch to book a cruise right now.



Masha’s making sure to keep us updated with her trip on her Instagram stories, and we can’t get enough of them, so here’s another gorgeous snap from her stop at Montenegro.



We’re sure that Mansha will keep all of us posted with her adventures on-board the gorgeous cruise ship, and we’ll keep you updated with her travels. Stay tuned to this tab in coming days, to stay in tune with her other stops!


Yumna Aftab