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6 Apr

Trend Report: 5 statement jewellery pieces to own in 2019


While most of us tend to notice more about changing trends in clothes, we don’t pay much heed to accessories especially jewellery, which has the power to amp up any simple look. The spring/summer runway and fashion shoots have been bombarded with sleek jewellery trends. We have so far seen the return of statement-making jewels and texturized baubles. There is a clan that loves good old dainty pieces and hoops.

Thanks to international designers like Chanel, many in the local fashion business are also showcasing offbeat designs; think necks cascading with extravagant jewellery.

Here’s a rundown of five jewellery trends that are going to reign supreme come the new season.


Dainty Charms




Exquisite designs are the highlight of jewellery trends this year. Flowers and creatures of all shapes and sizes doused the models this season. Whether you opt for a delicate sparrow, a seashell inspired design or a mini garden on your ears, there is something for every taste. Esfir is one such jewellery label which is taking the fashion game up a notch with its classic fusion of east and west in some fine pieces.


Hoops of Style




Hoops are another item in jewellery boxes that has been around from time immemorial. However, now it’s getting chunkier and more distinct. Hoops are now available in different stylish cuts and are tinkered with pretty add-ons. The bigger, the better… that’s the trend right now, and we love it.


The Bold Route




Is maximalism back or did it ever leave? The OTT pieces as seen on international runways are proof. As far as the local fashion is concerned, the modernisatic or artistic pieces with metals and contemporary elements are big thing. These pieces leave a mark on its own and even if paired with a simple tee or a plain solid color dress, it will elevate the whole look. Haya Lutfullah’s statement pieces is sure shot ones to grab!


Demure Danglers




Take your earlobes for a wild ride with drop earrings that are meant to grab everyone’s attention. Everything you know about these danglers should be thrown out the window as this season’s iterations are sleeker than ever. It is no more limited to diamonds (though who would mind diamonds, right?) but now they are made of flowers, pearls, feathers and dainty little knickknacks.


Moon Glow




Most of us have an eye on the heirloom pieces owned by our moms and grandmom. There is something so charming about these traditional pieces with pearls, stones and text engraved designs. These beautiful jhumkas are also available in local shops.




Unfortunately, if some of them are not passed on to you, then now you can buy some hand-crafted ones by Huma Adnan. Also, watch out for oxidized jewellery pieces made with fine craftsmanship.


Syeda Zehra

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute. A journalist by profession, the writer has a penchant for films, fashion and music.