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16 Sep

Trends from FPW’17: It’s not ‘who’ but how you wear the pants


One of the good things about Fashion Weeks is being able to assess which upcoming trends look good and are here to stay. While designers may show many strange concoctions, it’s our job to deduce what will work well and how it can be styled to resonate in practical wear.

The FPW runway saw some tried and tested styles, but some innovative designers came up with a new twist. Have a look at what you need, to amp up your wardrobe…

Voluminous Skirts


(L-R) Adnan Pardesy – Misha Lakhani – Sana Safinaz

Of course lehngas are timeless, especially when it comes to formals and bridals, but we saw some interesting tweaks to the traditional design the past few days. While Misha Lakhani’s layered number, with a contrasting trim underneath, was our favourite, Adnan Pardesy and Sana Safinaz both brought in extra volume to their variations. Sana Safinaz’s statement number uses net/tulle to give it that dramatic shape, while the Adnan Pardesy lehnga is more free flowing and breezy. We’d love to see these styles paired with short tops or blouses for a minimal formal look.

Flowing Pants


(L-R) Maheen Khan – Adnan Pardesy – Maheen khan

Yes the gharara variation is still going strong, but yet again with some minor changes it doesn’t have to follow what has now become a mundane style. Maheen Khan’s versions played with the placement of the flare and added print to give it a more contemporary look, which it made for a fun style. Her other variation amalgamated the pants-saari and the gharara and had us swooning over the simple yet chic combination. Adnan Pardesy on the other hand showed this simple design which was a crossover of a Dhaka pyjama and a gharara, a sure winner.

Pleated Shalwars


(L-R) Sanam Chaudhri – Obaid Sheikh – Maheen Khan

We’ve been saying this for a while: the shalwar needs to become a staple again! It is comfortable and a classic that has been lost in translation recently. Luckily the runway saw some interesting versions of it too. Sanam Chaudhri’s trendy tulip number was something that has been loved by many, while Obaid Sheikh’s high waisted pant-shalwar hybrid made an interesting statement too. It could actually look pretty cool if done right! Maheen Khan’s funky voluminous one was a winner hands down though. Is it a shalwar? It is a harem pant? Who knows! But we love the unconventionality of it!

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Mariam Tahir

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute, plus a fashion student who loves reading, traveling, eating and sleeping but manages to find time in between to write.