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2 Aug

‘Un Amlo’ adds to Patari Fanoos’ list of upcoming hits


With its latest venture called Fanoos, Patari continues to discover hidden musical talent across Pakistan. Whether it’s the music of the rugged mountains of Balochistan or the sounds of the fertile lands, the music focuses on bringing sheer raw talent directly to the consumer through Patari.  Continuing on the journey, the series has delved into the rich culture of Hunza.

Islam Habib Hunzai, the latest featured artist, creates a beautiful tune in Burushaski, written by a local poet. The artist is skilled in regional and local instruments and is immensely popular in his region. Each song in Fanoos is recorded in the musician’s own setting, hence the song is given the perfect amount of jazzing up while staying true to its local essence.

The beat of the song is well composed, and the lyrics too, sound melodious and catchy in an almost serene way. The song is distinct from Fanoos‘ last song called ‘Jee Aao’, which was sung by the legendary Akhtar Channal, and might have been our favorite till now!

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Patari’s Fanoos is a great concept which brings regional music to a large audience across Pakistan, and brings those artists to the limelight who may not normally get the chance.

You can watch the clip below, and hear the full song on

Fanoos – Episode 4

Listen to full song at: is back with Episode 4! Join Patari and Zohaib Kazi in discovering #Hunza's greatest hidden gem. The latest leg of the Fanoos journey brings us the wondrous Islam Habib Hunzai, who leaves us bewitched with his music.Every play goes towards royalties to the artists, so please share as widely as you can.Credits:Produced & Directed by Zohaib KaziVocals & Compositions by Islam Habib HunzaiRecorded at Leif Larsen Music Centre, HunzaFilmed by Insiya SyedAdditional Hunza footage by Shams Pasha & Bilal AhmedEdit by Aymen RizwanLLMC Altit HunzaFanoos is a Zohaib Kazi & Patari partnership.

Posted by Patari on Samstag, 29. Juli 2017

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