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12 Jun

Urban Sole has fused comfort with style in their new collection and we are all for it

Seems like the summer season just got a lot easier to navigate, thanks to Urban Sole’s new summer collection which is now available online and in stores!

Style and comfort have long been the top priority for an average shoe buyer, making a shoe that is both stylish and comfortable the top pick. Urban Sole has long been known for expertly curating collections that fuse comfort and style, and this time around, they have taken a step further and incorporated memory foam technology in their sandals.



Now you can go about your day in your Urban Sole sandals with not a care in the world, because your shoe will take care of a number of health concerns for you; the innovative memory foam technology redistributes body weight, provides support to your neck, back, shoulders, knees, and legs, and it also improves blood circulation.



The brand’s summer collection also boasts of active wear articles, many of which are equipped with double density soles, which means they are light weight and provide extra cushioning, all the while also relieving pressure points while you walk! All this with a promise of increased durability, what can sound better this summer?




Urban Sole’s entire design philosophy is based upon international trends in casual shoes and sandals and it is apparent in their new summer collection. So head to your nearest Urban Sole outlet or order online before the sizes run out. You don’t want to miss out on this collection!


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