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30 Aug

Urmila Matondkar lashes out about inhumane situation in Kashmir, gets trolled

Actress turned politician Urmila Matondkar, has been quite active in her stance against the Indian government’s abrogation of Article 370. Continually calling out the central government for initiating a shutdown in Kashmir and stripping the Kashmiris of basic human rights, the actress shed light on how she hasn’t been able to contact her in-laws for 22 days.

“My father-in-law and mother-in-law stay there. Both are diabetic, have high blood pressure. Today is the 22nd day, neither me nor my husband have been able to speak to them. We have no clue if they have medicines available at home,” said Urmila, as reported by the Press Trust of India (PTI).

Since the scrapping of Article 370 and the severe lockdown that followed, many Indian celebrities chose to remain quiet and not speak on the matter, however Urmila has tweeted against the regime’s extreme measures and made sure that her loyalties to Congress are made clear; she had unsuccessfully contested as a Congress candidate from a Mumbai seat in this year’s general elections in India.



Not surprisingly, the actress attracted a number of naysayers to her account, with people calling her out for ‘showing her true colors’.



Some called her out for her ‘selective drama.’



While others were of the view that she should have visited her in-laws herself or perhaps that she doesn’t really care about them.



Kashmir has been stripped of mobile connectivity and internet for over 25 days now, with a large part of Srinagar been converted into a fortress, inaccessible for outsiders. The situation between Pakistan and India also remains tense over the plight of Kashmir.


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