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29 Apr

Ushna Shah expresses anger over mistreatment of stray animals

Ushna Shah

During the early hours of this morning, a teary-eyed Ushna Shah broke down in a video while she gave her account of watching a video of a stray dog getting killed in Karachi’s Bahria Town. She expressed anger over mistreatment of stray animals in this country and talked about all the options that people could’ve opted for rather than shooting the poor animal with a bullet.

The actress gave a detailed account of the video where apparently some people in a van (from society management) shot a stray dog and drove away. She explained that they had shot him in such a way that the poor soul didn’t pass right away, instead it died a slow and painful death while onlookers simply stared.



“If the dog was irritating someone in the society it was probably because he had been mistreated before. Dogs act out of defense. It could’ve been sent to ACF, been euthanized, spayed, neutered or anything else. However, instead, they chose to kill it in such an inhumane way. I don’t know why Bahria Town officials haven’t been given a code of ethics or why there aren’t stricter laws in the country regarding this,” said a traumatized Ushna in her video.

“If the coronavirus is God’s wrath on mankind then perhaps we deserve it because we shouldn’t be allowed to live this way. If this is humanity then I’m ashamed to be human,” she added.



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