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8 Jun

Ushna Shah lands herself in hot water yet again after calling Hadiqa Kiani mediocre

Ushna Shah has once again found herself to be at the receiving end of backlash due to an ill-informed opinion. It all started when Sahir Ali Bhagga shared the OST of an upcoming drama serial featuring Ushna along with Ahsan Khan on his Instagram. Sung by Sahir and Hadiqa Kiani, the song apparently failed to impress Ushna, prompting her to leave a rather rude comment on the post, saying the soundtrack “ruined her visuals”.

She later deleted the comment but then shared a “refined version” of her opinion on Twitter. The tweet has also been deleted now but this is what it said:


Ushna Shah


She questioned why all the female vocalists in Pakistan, apart from Aima Baig and Quratulain Baloch, are “mediocre at best.” When someone replied with Hadiqa Kiani’s name, she responded in another tweet with a mere, “Ehn”. Needless to say, people weren’t happy.

Someone even sent the tweet and the interaction to Hadiqa and she not only took notice but replied to Ushna with a long list of female vocalists that are MORE than extraordinary.


Hadiqa Kiani


She had over 30+ names and ended her response by saying “Let’s not underplay the importance of women in Pakistani music. Ever.” Ushna, thankfully, realised her error and later posted an apology. She also blamed her little incident to her “late-night ‘deliriousness’.




We’re glad Ushna was quick to realise and fix her mistake but we also reckon that she needs to stay away from social media when such opinions cross her mind. Just a while ago, Ushna came under fire for questioning why medical workers were taking breaks and making videos, in the time of a pandemic where every moment counts. The Cheekh actress needs to realise that it’s not okay to downplay the work of hardworking individuals be it in the medical field or the entertainment world. She actually just needs to know when to stop.


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