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18 Oct

Video: Adnan Siddiqui believes Shahwar is not the villain in Meray Paas Tum Ho

After sweeping viewers off of their feet with his brilliant acting in the ongoing drama Meray Pass Tum ho as Shahwar, Adnan Siddiqui says he is not the villain rather the female lead Mehwish, played brilliantly by Ayeza Khan, is the antagonist.

The hit ARY drama has the viewers hooked with the complicated love-triangle that the story revolves around. Mehwish’s increasing interest in Shahwar and the questionable trip of the two to Islamabad has left people with a lot of confusion. To put out all the speculations to rest about what transpired in the connected rooms in Islamabad, we sat down with Adnan Siddiqui and coaxed some answers out of him.



“With due respect to Ayeza, I think Mehwish is the villain. Men are like that, they try to lure women, it’s Mehwish who is betraying her husband and falling for Shahwar’s tactics,” said Adnan.

Talking about the biggest mystery i.e. did they or didn’t they, Adnan jokingly asked the viewers to read between the lines. “Just like we recognize God with our minds and not with our eyes, viewers should make sense of Shahwar and Mehwish’s excursion using their minds,” he said.

When asked if Shahwar is a master schemer, the actor said that he believes Shahwar is in fact a clever man who is using Mehwish’s gullibility to his favor. “When Danish has to leave the dinner table because soup is ‘accidentally’ spilled on him leaving Shahwar and Mehwish alone, it could have been Shahwar’s doing,” he said suggestively.

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Meray Pass Tum Ho airs every Saturday at 8pm.


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