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20 Feb

Video: Ahad Raza Mir talks about his next project with Sajal Aly


After garnering fame for his pivotal roles in Sammi and Yakeen Ka Safar and recently for his brooding persona as Jameel in period play Aangan, Pakistani actor Ahad Raza Mir has proved that he means business. Although, he is relatively new to the industry, but Ahad has put forth promising roles receiving love by all and sundry.

In an exclusive conversation with Something Haute, the actor revealed details about his forthcoming play written by Farhat Ishtiaq which is slated for a 2020 release.

Speaking about why he opted for this play after much contemplation he said, “I took about a year to choose a script after completing Aangan. I think this was a story that has not been told on television. Although the same has been said for various dramas, but this is something that the audience has not seen on screen before.”

“It’s something that is aggressive in its story-telling and it’s unapologetic in how it is being presented. I connect with this character in particular; I don’t intentionally choose dark characters, but I just prefer characters that feel real,” he added.

Social media consumes us in our day to day lives, however, Ahad who is not as active on such forums as his fellow artists revealed the reason behind his absence from these platforms.

“As an actor, I don’t want social media to confuse me. My role in the industry and in the work that I do is limited to the set, script and the audience seeing the end result. I appreciate and love my fans Iand  want them to know about me as much as it is appropriate but I want them to relate to the character they see on screen more. I don’t want them to see Jameel one second and me posting about the coffee that I am drinking the next second,” Ahad said.

He further shared what he thinks about his chemistry with Sajal Aly and more. Find out all the details in our exclusive interview:



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