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15 Jan

Video: Ahmad Ali Butt reveals how his character in Jhooti is similar to Danish in MPTH

Ahmad Ali Butt

Iqra Aziz and Ahmad Ali Butt starrer Jhooti has become the talk of the town, but unfortunately not for the right reasons. No matter how many eyebrows have raised after seeing a glimpse of Iqra’s negative character, we seem to love the idea of watching a new on-screen pair depicting a different story line. Ahmad Ali Butt will be essaying the role of a parchoon wala who is smitten by Nirma (played by Iqra) who later gets married to her. Something Haute caught up with the actor to find out what’s more to expect from his debut play as a lead?

“I am playing a very hard-working guy, Nasir, who belongs to the lower middle class of society. He loves his wife (i.e. played by Iqra). You have to wait and watch the play to find out how will this relationship work if she is a compulsive liar,” Ahmad said.

Jhooti is very different from Ahmad’s usual territory i.e comedy and it will be interesting to see him in a serious character for the first time.

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“There is no comedy in it because it is a very serious role. Nasir is a simple person who believes in the goodness of humanity, but then his wife is someone who will lie to achieve anything in life, so it will eventually land him in trouble,” he added.

When asked was he looking forward to grab a serious role for long, Ahmad said that it’s a different game altogether.

“It’s a good change of pace. Comedy comes naturally to me so serious roles are challenging as well as boring sometimes. As a comedian, you have a very fast tempo; you have to dial it down to the pace of a drama for serious characters. Holding emotions, delivering dialogues is a different challenge in it,” he said.


Ahmad Ali Butt

A still from Jhooti teaser


Ahmad also appreciated that dramas have now started to tell more diverse stories where women are not always a damsel in distress. This prompted us to ask if there are any similarities between Nasir and Danish of MPTH?

Nasir ke paas do takay se thoray zyada paisay hein [Unlike Danish, Nasir has bit more money than two cents],” he laughingly remarked hinting at MPTH’s famous dialogue, adding, “The similarity is that both of them love their wives. The story also shows how a good husband will go to any length for his wife however, their circumstances are very different.”

Watch the complete interview to learn more about Ahmad’s film project on body shaming, is he a part of any of the upcoming Humayun Saeed’s films and what’s next for TV after Jhooti?




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