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22 May

Video: Before lockdown I didn’t know I had three kids, says Rahim Pardesi

Rahim Pardesi

Rahim Pardesi is one of the biggest content producers from Pakistan on YouTube. He started his comedy career with the character of Nasreen and her husband, both played by him. With quirky household comedic sketches, Rahim rose to fame very quickly. We wanted to find out more about his journey to fame and his life in lockdown. To answer our questions, Rahim sat down for an exclusive interview with the team Something Haute.

Here are some of the most interesting excerpts from the conversation:


  • How is the experience of living everything in a virtual space right now?

“It was quite depressing at first. But the good part is that I’ve gotten to spend more time with my family. I didn’t even know I had three kids,” he laughingly jokes. “So I’ve taken this entire situation in a positive manner. It was the best time to stay together with family and stay indoors. All content creators have advised people to stay indoors because I feel it’s our responsibility to do so with the younger generation following us.”


  • Your last video was released on March 31st. Was that on purpose or are you struggling with content?

“Yes, it’s also true that it is difficult to create content right now. I had already given my comedy videos a break due to other big projects. But I had to quickly think on my feet and make a video about the lockdown situation, because like I said, I felt that it was my responsibility,” he said.


  • Your videos are quite funny but now you’ve branched out into many different fields. You also moved to Lahore. How did you make such daring shifts in your life?

“I had actually planned to wrap up comedy and move on to other things but my fans were so attached to the character of Nasreen that they encouraged me to continue it. About moving to Pakistan, I’ve always had a soft spot for the country. I’ve always loved the culture and I can’t find these things back in the UK. I’m quite happy, for now!” he added.


  • What other projects are you working on these days?

“I’m working on a lot of music, a web series and there are a few drama projects coming as well. I’ve always had a passion for acting. It has always had a special place in my heart. I’ve never planned anything out though, I’m just working. We don’t know how long the Nasreen comedy will go on,” he shared.


  • What kind of content do you stay away form?

“I stay away from controversial content like religion, I keep my content away from it, completely. I was also offered a Bollywood movie, however, the storyline was quite risky. People have a lot of opinions on things now so, with such projects, I can’t make many people happy. I believe that my comedy caters to most people and allows them to enjoy it without disturbance,” he replied.

Watch the entire interview here:




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